Checker board


At ColorHub we wanted to create a company Christmas gift that would wow our clients and showcase our creative and technical capabilities as a corrugated trade printer.


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Our company Christmas gift had to be creative and memorable, but also easily producible in large quantities. After brainstorming various ideas I settled on some sort of game, and then ultimately a checker board. I wanted to create something that a whole office of people could share and enjoy together.


Paper sketches led me from a flat, one layer board design to a more three-dimensional board with beveled edges. I wanted to get away from the cheap cardboard feel.

From there I moved on to physical prototypes and brought my idea to our CEO. We brainstormed some alternative materials for the checkers pieces and settled on 6mm styrene to give the pieces a weightier feel and cleaner appearance.


After assembling several prototypes, I realized that the gluing phase of the process required a high level of precision and left a lot of room for error. A simple adjustment to the shape of the back panels made things more intuitive and sped up the assembly process.


I developed the graphics of the board to mimic a handcrafted wooden chess set. After that, the last step was designing a custom box and divider to hold the board and checkers pieces, keeping them snugly in place during shipping.

I set up production ready print files and dielines, and walked the team through the assembly process.


Our gift demonstrated to our clients that cardboard doesn't have to look cheap and disposable. With a little creativity and ColorHub's print capabilities, our clients can provide their end customers with products that impress and delight.

Image of finished checker board with mailerClose up of finished checker board and checkers pieces


"We asked Claire to design a fun Christmas gift for our customers that they would enjoy and hang on to. We wanted to send a message about strategically working together to strengthen each others businesses. She thought completely outside of the box and designed a checkerboard that looks incredible."

ColorHub CEO