SDM Branding

Sonido Del Movimeinto (SDM) is a non-profit that works with Guatemalan children through music and dance. After a Skype call with the founder, Crissy, to talk about their team and their hopes for the organization, I brainstormed words and phrases that captured the heart of their mission.  

I focused in on three main ideas - creative expression, bold resiliency, and outward-reaching movement.

I collected inspiration and visual thoughts on a mood board, and began experimenting with different typefaces and visual elements.

I started out with script fonts to convey creative movement, but decided to shift towards a bolder font as a foundation with more dynamic elements laid on top.

The final design includes a central, dancing figure who reaches outward to draw others in.

Wave-like lines stretching out from the figure convey movement and suggest sound waves. The lines also function as a separate design element adding visual interest and playfulness to brochures and web graphics.